Vers Creative Brand Story Promo
Private Residence - Hyde Park
Private Residence - Tampa
Harborside Wedding Chapel
Breath of Life Birth Center - Suite Renovation
Countryside Christian Church - Chapel Concept
Grace Family Church - Waters Ave
Countryside Christian Church - Cafe Concept
Grace Family Church - Land O Lakes
Vintage etc Resale Store
eBridge Offices
Grace Family Church - South Tampa
Microsoft Paris Immersive Classroom
Grace Family Church - Van Dyke Campus Coffee Shop
Countryside Christian Church - Youth Center
Private Residence - Seminole Heights
Private Residence - Tampa Bay
Grace Family Church - Temple Terrace
TZ Insurance Office - Tampa
First Presbyterian Church of St. Petersburg
Dream Center of Tampa Bay
Private Residence - Tampa
Lighting Design - Master Thesis w/ Roberto Rossi, Isaac Pinero and Hiromi Fukikoshi
Tanino Crisci Tokyo by Nest Design

Kelli Ogboke is a licensed Interior Designer and Design Director currently based in Tampa Florida.  Kelli boasts a portfolio of commercial, hospitality, institutional, residential and retail design projects across Europe, Asia and North America. Kelli holds a Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida and a Master of Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan Italy.